Virtual Asset Assessment

See Clearer. Assess Smarter.

AIMS VAA - Transforming  Asset Management with AI-driven Efficiency and Safety

AIMS VAA (Virtual Asset Assessment) is Altavec's innovative Virtual Asset Assessment platform that is transforming the way asset owners manage their networks. This advanced cloud-based platform that utilises intelligent algorithms to accurately link high-resolution images captured via helicopters, drones, or on the ground. The application creates a comprehensive image catalogue of assets and locations in your network, facilitating thorough asset condition and defect assessment.
With AIMS VAA, asset owners gain valuable insights into asset conditions and defects through efficient image review processes. The platform's machine learning capabilities automatically detect common defects, drastically accelerating the defect capture process and streamlining asset maintenance.

Solving Industry Challenges

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, Asset owners face numerous challenges, including managing aging assets, integrating new technologies, and overcoming data fragmentation and silos. Maintaining asset performance at a competitive price while meeting safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements is more crucial than ever. Additionally, the retiring workforce and technological advancements have created a need for more efficient inspection methods to ensure reliability and safety. AIMS VAA addresses these issues by providing seamless collaboration among stakeholders and enabling real-time access to crucial asset condition data. This powerful solution provides asset owners with the right tools and real-time data access needed for efficient and sustainable asset management.

Optimised Asset Assessment

AIMS VAA is a cloud-based platform that provides an end-to-end automation solution that streamlines the process of capturing, analyzing, and associating images of assets. Whether captured via helicopters, drones, or field inspectors, AIMS VAA's intelligent algorithms automatically link the images with the respective assets based on metadata. With a rapid processing time of less than 24 hours, the platform eliminates manual association efforts, maximizing efficiency and accuracy.

AI-Powered Insights

AIMS VAA leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to provide deeper insights into asset conditions. By estimating asset states and identifying risks, AIMS VAA enables asset owners to optimize maintenance strategies and increase asset lifespan, all without requiring physical inspections.

Advanced Machine Learning for Defect Detection

The platform's machine learning models augment the manual defect review process by automatically detecting common defects, significantly expediting the defect capture process. This allows asset owners to swiftly identify, record, and audit defects, ensuring timely rectification and reducing safety incidents in the field.

Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

With powerful map visualisation options, an intuitive interface, and search functionalities, AIMS VAA offers an efficient and user-friendly asset assessment experience. Collaborative workflows and team member assignment capabilities facilitate seamless communication and task management.

Seamless Collaboration

AIMS VAA's user-friendly interface and intuitive map-based navigation enhance the user experience, making asset review and defect identification seamless and efficient. The platform offers powerful map visualization options, displaying GIS layers to provide spatial context. Collaborative workflows and team member assignment functionalities facilitate smooth communication and task delegation

Unlock the Power of your Data

AIMS VAA democratizss data across internal and external stakeholders, enabling them to access real-time asset condition data and optimising maintenance planning with compressed program schedules. With extensive customization options for analysis reports, users gain valuable insights into asset conditions, defects, and progress tracking.

The Future of Asset Management

With Altavec's AIMS VAA, asset owners and managers can embrace the future of asset management. Revolutionize your asset assessment process, gain deeper insights into asset conditions, and ensure safer and more reliable operations with the power of AI-driven technology. With Altavec's AIMS VAA, asset owners and managers can embrace the future of asset management. As technology disrupts traditional business models, digital transformation becomes essential for optimizing asset performance and staying competitive. AIMS VAA leverages artificial intelligence to provide deeper insights into asset conditions, optimize maintenance strategies, and enhance reliability and safety in the field.

The Altavec Advantage

AIMS VAA offers a transformative end-to-end automation solution that minimises manual efforts, optimizes asset management, boosts efficiency, and ensures safety and reliability in a rapidly changing market. The platform's optimized interface ensures users can focus solely on image review, while the ability to directly markup high-resolution images speeds up asset identification and defect tracking. Embrace the power of data-driven asset assessment with Altavec's AIMS VAA and unlock the full potential of your assets


Powerful Visualisation: AIMS VAA offers a user-friendly map layout with GIS layers, providing spatial context for intuitive and effortless asset review.

Real-Time Data Access: Access real-time asset condition data from anywhere with self-serve image upload and automated ingestion APIs.

Efficient Collaboration: Facilitate seamless collaboration among team members with collaborative workflows, team member assignment, and status tracking.

Cloud-Based Convenience: AIMS VAA is browser-based with no installation required, ensuring easy access and integration with Single Sign-On for company-wide usage.

Enhanced Asset Management Productivity: Reduce the need for resource-intensive onsite inspections, leading to increased productivity and efficient resource allocation.

Precise Image Linking: AIMS VAA utilises metadata for accurate image-to-asset associations, minimising errors and enhancing data integrity.

Customisable Defect Form: Tailor defect forms with customised attributes, capturing all necessary information for effective asset condition analysis.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface, 2D map-based navigation, and keyboard shortcuts in AIMS VAA reduce fatigue and simplify the asset assessment workflow.

Seamless Integration: Benefit from Restful APIs, enabling smooth integration with defect management systems, GIS systems, and other applications.

Flexible Image Compatibility: AIMS VAA accommodates almost any image type and spatial format, facilitating comprehensive asset evaluation from diverse data sources.

Highly Accurate Image Linking: Smart algorithms ensure precise image-to-asset associations, minimizing errors and enhancing data accuracy.

Streamlined Defect Assessment: AIMS VAA combines machine learning defect detection with office-based image review, expediting the defect capture process and saving valuable time and resources.


Accuracy: AIMS VAA's intelligent algorithms ensure precise image linking and defect detection, resulting in accurate asset assessments.

Efficiency: By automating defect capture and providing a user-friendly interface, AIMS VAA significantly improves overall productivity.

Data-driven Decisions: The platform's analysis reports and AI-driven insights enable data-driven decision-making for maintenance and planning.

Collaboration: Seamless collaboration features enhance teamwork and communication, leading to more effective asset management.

Cost Reduction: With reduced onsite inspections and resource-intensive efforts, AIMS VAA optimizes asset management costs.