Asset Management

Elevate Performance & Reliability! Altavec's Asset Management Solution Empowering Proactive Asset Management

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of utility asset management, Altavec offers a powerful solution that addresses the challenges posed by dispersed teams, multiple stakeholders, and the demand for seamless integration. Altavec's asset management solution provides asset owners with a comprehensive toolkit, combining the capabilities of LiDAR, imagery, and 3D models, enabling efficient asset management, risk identification, and proactive maintenance programs. This innovative approach elevates asset performance and reliability, transforming asset management from reactive to proactive.

Precision with Spatial Technology

Altavec harnesses the accuracy and detail offered by LiDAR technology to capture precise asset data, facilitating accurate asset mapping and vulnerability identification. By integrating LiDAR data with high-resolution imagery, asset owners gain a holistic visual understanding of asset conditions, facilitating effective condition assessments and risk identification.

Enhanced Visualization and Predictive Analysis with 3D Models

The creation of 3D models takes asset visualisation to a new level, allowing stakeholders to interact with virtual representations and conduct predictive analysis. Proactive identification of potential issues empowers asset owners to reduce downtime, avoid costly repairs, and optimise asset life cycles.

Time and Cost Savings

Altavec's solution significantly reduces traditional inspection timelines by up to 60%, leading to a reduction of inspection costs by up to 30%. The minimised need for specialised personnel and equipment translates to substantial cost and time savings.

Altavec's solution streamlines data management efforts by 90%, offering image hosting in AIMS VAA or system integration, ensuring seamless workflows.

Safety and Accuracy

By eliminating the need for personnel to access hazardous areas physically, Altavec's solution enhances safety and reduces the risk of workplace injuries and accidents. Additionally, high-resolution cameras on drones ensure unmatched accuracy in decision-making.

Efficient Asset Management

Regular aerial inspections provide real-time asset information, enabling rapid and informed asset management decisions, leading to cost savings and improved asset utilization.

The Altavec Advantage

With Altavec's Asset Management Solution, asset owners can embrace proactive asset management practices, maximising asset performance, increasing reliability, and optimizing long-term asset value. By integrating advanced technologies, Altavec empowers asset owners to make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure regulatory compliance. Elevate your utility asset management practices with Altavec and unlock the full potential of your utility assets.

Solution Outputs
Identification and reports of clearance risks on the network.
Highly Accurate fully classified Lidar Point Cloud Data.
Identification of degradation hazards and defectsthat may pose future risk to the network.
Automated Job Creation and Reports for Maitenance Contractors.
Advanced Machine Learning Classification
Detailed & Precise Information of Assets Dimesions
Preventative maintenance insights.
Ensuring Data Ownership for Asset Owners.
Revolutionize Your Utility Asset Management with Altavec's Proactive Solution!

Are you ready to revolutionise your utility asset management practices and transition from reactive to proactive strategies? Altavec's Asset Management Solution offers a powerful toolkit that empowers asset owners with precise data and advanced technologies. Elevate your asset performance, optimize maintenance programs, and ensure regulatory compliance with our innovative approach.

Take the first step towards maximizing asset performance, increasing reliability, and optimizing long-term asset value. Contact us now for a personalized demonstration of Altavec's Asset Management Solution. Unlock the full potential of your utility assets and embark on a proactive journey to elevate your asset management practices. Embrace the future with Altavec today!