Vegetation Management

Cultivating Resilience: Altavec's Innovative Vegetation Management Solutions for strengthening utility networks and empowering communities

Effective vegetation management is vital for preserving the health and sustainability of our ecosystems and urban spaces. At Altavec, we offer comprehensive end-to-end vegetation management solutions designed to control and maintain vegetation growth in diverse landscapes, including forests, parks, roadways, and utility corridors. From canopy monitoring and enhancement initiatives to critical wildfire mitigation strategies, our solutions address the increasing challenges posed by extreme weather events.

Enhancing Wildfire Prevention and Mitigation

With the growing frequency of extreme weather events, wildfire prevention and mitigation have become paramount. Altavec's vegetation management solutions play a crucial role in reducing fuel load and minimizing the risk of catastrophic fires. This is especially significant in regions like Australia, where recurring and significant bushfire threats demand immediate and effective action to protect communities and ecosystems.

Transforming Urban Spaces

Responsible and strategic vegetation management is essential for preserving ecological balance and minimizing environmental risks. In urban areas, proper vegetation management is instrumental in maintaining green spaces' health and aesthetics, contributing to improved air quality and creating more pleasant living environments.

The Australian energy network includes over 880,000 kilometres of distribution and transmission lines (think ~22 trips around the Earth’s circumference) and 7 million power poles. Extreme climate conditions and vegetation growth in close proximity to power lines have to be carefully managed to mitigate bushfire risk.

Tailored Solutions for Utilities

For utility providers, our highly accurate 3D model simulates the maximum operating capacity of the network with state-based regulations identifying vegetation that threatens safe reliable supply. Our automatic risk calculation and identification, increases network compliance, enhances network performance, and ensures community safety.

Empowering Government Initiatives

In the government sector, Altavec's high-resolution, classified 3D model of terrain and vegetation canopy can be utilized for Urban Tree Canopy off-set initiatives. Decision-makers can effectively manage risk and model growth to facilitate maintenance and canopy growth.

Leveraging AI & Machine Learning

Altavec's vegetation management solution utilizes the power of AI & Machine learning to identify vegetation risks accurately. Through detailed and accurate information about vegetation's structure and characteristics, our cutting-edge solution employs laser pulses to measure distances between sensors and objects, including vegetation. The result is a high-resolution, classified 3D model of the terrain and vegetation canopy.

Maximising Efficiency and Effectiveness

By leveraging Altavec's cutting-edge solution, asset owners and vegetation management practitioners can make informed decisions regarding vegetation risk assessment, prioritize management activities, and implement targeted interventions. The detailed and accurate data provided enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of vegetation management strategies, contributing significantly to improved risk mitigation and conservation efforts.

Solution Outputs
Highly Accurate fully classified Lidar Point Cloud Data.
Identification and reports of vegetation encroaching on the network.
Automated Job Creation and Reports for Cutting Contractors.
Identification of hazard trees that pose a fall-in risk to the network.
Detailed Information on Vegetation Canopies and Heights.
Strategic Enabler for automatic identification of tree responsibility & growth modelling.
Preventative maintenance insights.
The Altavec Advantage
Advanced Machine Learning Classification.
Comprehensive End-to-End Service Offering: From Data Capture and Classification to Analysis and Report Export to Cutting Contractors.
Ensuring Data Ownership for Asset Owners.
Effective Risk Tree Prioritization.
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