Empowering Innovation: Altavec's Projects Showcase

Welcome to Altavec's Projects, a curated space where innovation meets execution. Here, we unveil the stories behind the projects that have shaped the future, transformed industries, and redefined what's possible. Altavec's commitment to cutting-edge solutions comes to life in these projects, each a testament to our dedication to Advancing Intelligent Mapping Solutions (AIMS).

This showcase is a testament to the diverse industries and challenges we tackle head-on. Explore how Altavec collaborates with forward-thinking organisations to turn visions into reality, seamlessly navigating the intricacies of each project's unique landscape.

Join us on our mission of innovation and discover firsthand the impact of Altavec's Projects on reshaping industries and driving positive change.

Laser clearance survey for bi-level trains feasibility

Altavec carries out a laser clearance survey for bi-level trains feasibility, on behalf of SEPTA, Philadelphia

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3D Imagery and LiDAR for San Francisco

"The investment we made will pay dividends for years to come. They not only met their obligations, but exceeded our expectations"

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Capture and mapping of signage and trees

Altavec Capturing and Mapping signage and trees for the City of Greater Geelong

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