Digital Model

Altavec's Digital Model Solution - Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making and Operational Efficiency

In today's rapidly evolving world, organisations face challenges related to optimising their design processes, leveraging disparate data sources, and making informed decisions regarding their assets. Altavec's Digital Model Solution offers a powerful and innovative approach to enhance decision-making and drive operational efficiency. By integrating geospatial data sets with business-critical information, this solution provides a comprehensive understanding of assets, operations, and the surrounding environment, enabling data-driven decisions with contextual insights.

Visualisation and Design

Altavec's digital models offer a clear visualization of complex objects and concepts, empowering designers, engineers, and architects to create, modify, and refine designs. Early identification of potential issues and discrepancies in asset data leads to better final products and more efficient design processes.

Simulation and Prediction

Digital models enable the simulation of real-world scenarios, processes, or systems, facilitating predictive analysis and optimization. This capability empowers organizations to make informed decisions, plan for the future, and identify potential risks and challenges.

Communication and Collaboration

Serving as a common platform, digital models foster effective communication and collaboration among different teams and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. Sharing ideas and exchanging feedback becomes seamless, enhancing project efficiency.

As technology continues to advance, Altavec's Digital Model Solution becomes an industry-leading strategic enabler, harnessing the power of 3D modelling, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. It addresses the challenges of tomorrow, ensuring organisations stay at the forefront of innovation.

Remote Access and Management

In scenarios where physical access is limited or hazardous, Altavec's digital models allow remote monitoring and management of assets and processes. This capability is crucial in industries such as space exploration, nuclear facilities, and deep-sea exploration.

Risk Assessment and Preventative Maintenance

Altavec's Digital Model Solution assists asset owners in evaluating the risk of asset failure based on current conditions and surrounding environmental factors. By integrating remote sensing data with digital models, organizations can inform predictive maintenance strategies, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing asset downtime.

Regulatory Compliance

Infrastructure owners can use digital models to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. These models help track compliance data, demonstrate adherence to safety standards, and provide evidence for regulatory audits.

The Altavec Advantage

With Altavec's Digital Model Solution, organisations gain a competitive edge through data-driven decision-making, streamlined workflows, reduced costs, and enhanced understanding across various domains. Embrace the power of digital models and transform the way you manage assets, design projects, and plan for the future.

Key Features
Perform cm accurate measurements in panoramic imagery and within the 3D Model.
Visualize classified LiDAR data, elevation, surface models, and imagery in a single system.
Perform desktop assessments of automatically identified clearance risk of field based assets.
Import and manage spatial reference layers containing attributes.
Identify equipment requirements and traffic management for required rectification works.
Validate network reference data measurements against the physically installed asset.
API driven platform enabling system to system integration.
Intuitive user interface easy to navigate and use; supporting design, maintenance, break-fix, vegetation management and scoping workflows.
Are you facing the complexities of network design in the ever-changing landscape of asset operations?

Harness the power of 3D modeling, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to stay at the forefront of innovation and tackle tomorrow's challenges head-on. Visualize complex concepts, conduct predictive simulations, and optimize processes for better final products and efficient design processes.

Experience seamless communication and collaboration with different teams and stakeholders, enhancing project efficiency throughout its lifecycle. Embrace remote access and management for scenarios where physical access is limited or hazardous, ensuring continuous monitoring and control.

Evaluate asset risk, inform proactive maintenance strategies, and achieve regulatory compliance with ease.
Take the first step towards a data-driven future. Contact us now for a personalized demonstration of Altavec's Digital Model Solution and unlock the power of informed decision-making, reduced costs, and enhanced understanding across your organization's domains.