Altavec's Network Design Solution - Empowering Precision and Efficiency

Welcome to Altavec's Pilot Programs, where innovation meets user-centric design to create a seamless and efficient experience for our valued users. Altavec has prioritized user-friendliness and ease of use in the development of its AIMS products, and our pilot programs play a pivotal role in shaping the success of our innovative solutions.

User-Centric Design Excellence

At Altavec, our commitment to user-centric design is at the core of everything we do. Collaborating closely with our customers, including an Australian power utility, and their in-field teams, we have adopted a design approach that ensures our software not only meets functional requirements but also provides an intuitive and enjoyable user experience. The emphasis on usability has resulted in higher satisfaction levels among field users, leading to widespread adoption within organizations. 

Ongoing Collaboration and Iterative Development

Our dedicated product team, comprising a Product Owner, User Experience Manager, and development and test teams, actively engages with industry user groups. This collaboration ensures that new features and usability enhancements are released regularly, aligning the product with dynamic user needs and expectations. By maintaining a strong connection with our users, we guarantee that Altavec’s AIMS evolves to remain relevant and user-friendly.

The integration of AIMS LiDAR Capture with AIMS Spatial Services and AIMS 3D creates a perfect synergy. High-precision spatial data combined with AI-driven modeling enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the network design process.

User Experience Excellence

The User Experience (UX) manager is a key player in delivering roadmap features. Through user research, collaboration with development teams, and usability testing, the UX manager ensures that new features are both intuitive and functional. This iterative and user-centric approach results in a product that consistently meets and exceeds user expectations.

Agile Testing for Quality Assurance

Altavec’s AIMS product team operates under an Agile Delivery methodology, integrating testing throughout the development lifecycle. Testers actively collaborate with all team members, contributing to refining acceptance criteria and ensuring continuous improvement of testing processes. This approach helps in early defect detection, reducing rework, and delivering a high-quality product that meets customer expectations.

Altavec’s AIMS Pilot Programs: Your Opportunity to Shape the Future

Piloting new features is a crucial step in our development process. By testing features with a subset of users in a controlled environment, we identify and address any issues before a full-scale release. The System Usability Survey (SUS) conducted during the pilot phase allows us to collect valuable feedback, ensuring continuous improvement of usability and user experience.

Collaborative Delivery Approach: "Imagine, Build, Run"

Our collaborative delivery approach follows the mantra "Imagine, Build, Run." This three-stage process involves comprehensive collaboration with our customers, system integrations, custom configurations, usability testing, and training. Through the "Imagine" phase, we identify use cases and design intuitive interfaces. The "Build" phase involves delivering system integrations and conducting pilot programs. Finally, the "Run" phase focuses on piloting feature enhancements and conducting necessary training sessions for a successful system deployment.

Your Voice Matters: Altavec’s AIMS User Group

Throughout the "Run" phase, we establish a user group that actively participates in shaping the future of Altavec’s AIMS. This group contributes insights, ideas, and feedback, ensuring our solution continues to evolve in alignment with user preferences.

Join Altavec’s AIMS Pilot Programs: Be a Part of the Future


Altavec’s AIMS Pilot Programs provide you with a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation. By actively participating in our pilot programs, you not only get early access to cutting-edge features but also contribute to shaping the future of Altavec’s AIMS. Your feedback matters, and together, we can create a solution that exceeds expectations.

Imagine the possibilities, Build the future, and Run towards success with Altavec.  Contact us  to see how you can join our pilot programs today and be a part of the transformation!