Network Design

Altavec's Network Design Solution - Empowering Precision and Efficiency

In the face of increasing network complexity, stringent regulations, frequent natural disasters, and heightened competition for right of way, understanding assets and their surrounding environment has become paramount for asset operators. Enter the AIMS (Advancing Intelligent Mapping Solutions) Platform, a game-changing suite of software solutions empowering professionals in network design to streamline their processes like never before. This sophisticated solution integrates advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, state-of-the-art 3D modelling, and comprehensive geospatial data analysis to offer an unparalleled level of accuracy and efficiency.

Precise 3D Modelling for Optimised Design

AIMS empowers network planners to visualise and analyse terrain, structures, and obstacles in exquisite detail, aiding in optimized design and efficient infrastructure deployment. Using AIMS' powerful 3D modelling capabilities, network designers can make more informed decisions while staying within budget constraints, thanks to the integration of 3D Network Models, GIS reference data, and high-resolution imagery in a single visualisation tool.

Collaborative Efficiency

The AIMS solution serves as a collaborative hub, fostering seamless communication and data sharing among multiple stakeholders, including engineers, planners, and project managers. This collaborative platform ensures a unified and efficient network design process, streamlining workflow and project management.

The integration of AIMS LiDAR Capture with AIMS Spatial Services and AIMS 3D creates a perfect synergy. High-precision spatial data combined with AI-driven modeling enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the network design process.

Unmatched Data Accuracy with LiDAR Capture

AIMS LiDAR Capture services utilise cutting-edge LiDAR sensors and processing techniques to capture highly accurate geospatial data. This includes intricate details of structures, terrain, and vegetation, crucial for designing networks with utmost precision. This sophisticated data acquisition method significantly expedites the process, reducing lead times and enabling rapid project deployment.

Comprehensive Coverage for Diverse Networks

Whether it's transmission lines spanning vast distances or intricate railway tracks within cities, AIM LiDAR Capture effortlessly covers various network types, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of network design projects.

The Altavec Advantage

With Altavec's Network Design Solution, AIMS provides asset operators and network designers with the tools they need to overcome challenges, achieve precision, and optimize their network design process for a future-ready infrastructure.

Key Features
Perform cm accurate measurements in panoramic imagery and within the 3D Model.
Attribute network assets using ML classified data in conjunction with asset reference data.
Import and manage spatial reference layers containing attributes.
Visualize classified LiDAR data, elevation, surface models, and imagery in a single system.
Validate network reference data measurements against the physically installed asset.
Assess, record, and export the risks surrounding the design, such as traffic management requirements,
hazardous vegetation, and access issues.
Are you facing the complexities of network design in the ever-changing landscape of asset operations?

Experience the Power of AIMS Network Design Solution Today. Altavec's AIMS Network Design Solution is here to transform your processes and drive efficiency like never before. Discover the benefits of precise 3D modeling for optimized design, fostering collaborative efficiency among stakeholders. Harness the unmatched data accuracy of LiDAR Capture for rapid project deployment. Our comprehensive coverage ensures versatility for diverse network types, making it the perfect solution for your design projects.

Unlock the potential of the AIMS Platform today and embrace a future-ready infrastructure. Contact us for a personalized demo and take the first step towards a seamless, efficient network design process. Together, let's shape a sustainable and innovative future for your assets.