Delivering a high-performance rail network through accurate data and advanced analysis tools

For over three decades, we have been specialised in collecting, processing, and delivering field asset data for transport infrastructure owners, operators, and maintainers in Australia, Asia, and North America. Our unique portfolio of solutions combines cutting-edge technology and surveying expertise, delivering high-quality results to demanding engineering audiences.

Our skill lies in field asset data collection for rail networks across Australia and internationally. By integrating state-of-the-art positioning and imaging sensors, we enable rail managers to locate, measure, and assess track assets from the office, reducing risks to personnel.

We design and configure all asset capture equipment in-house ensuring that we always have the best tools for the job. This approach allows us to provide rail networks with unparalleled information about their networks and platforms for defect detection, asset management, planning and design.

“The investment we made will pay dividends for years to come. They not only met their obligations, but exceeded our expectations”
Travis Engstrom, Manager of Information Systems – Bay Area Rapid Transport, San Francisco

With our cloud-based viewing tools allow you to analyse and visualise your rail network from anywhere. Enmpowering users with access to a millimeter-perfect digital-twin of your assets for assessment, planning, and measurement needs. Powered by Amazon Web Services, this solution ensures fast processing and access to highly detailed information.

Altavec’s Mechanised Track Patrol (MTP) provides high-quality, auditable data to support safer and more effective track inspections. By empowering track walkers to perform inspections off-track on a desktop, we enhance safety and preserve expert knowledge and skills. The data collection occurs at normal line speeds, while the migration from paper-based systems to auditable electronic records is completed through integration with enterprise systems.

Altavec’s Mechanised Track Patrol (MTP) offers numerous advantages:

  • High-resolution digital imagery.
  • Accurate inertial and GPS data with sub-meter kilometrage.
  • Record at any train speed.
  • Perform track inspections offline.
  • Integrate data with corporate systems.
  • Increase network availability.
  • Improve employee retention and availability.

Our end-to-end services cover every stage, from capture to inspection. Utilizing a tuned array of digital cameras, lighting, and location reference technology to collect synchronized position information and high-resolution images of the rails, tracks, and right-of-way. Rapid data transfer allows for immediate inspections. Real-time data storage occurs at normal line speeds with powerful compression and storage processes. Our software application with an intuitive user interface allows track inspectors to review imagery from any camera at any point along the track, improving safety, accuracy, and quality of inspections.

With our expertise and advanced solutions, we are committed to supporting the success and safety of rail and transport networks worldwide.

Solutions we developed:

Asset Management

Altavec's AIMS Platform is Streamlining Asset Management with Cloud-Based Efficiency. Harness ML & AI-driven image analysis to enhance accuracy, reduce costs, and improve safety.

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Digital Model

Democratise your Spatial Data and Visualize Assets. Altavec’s Digital Model will enhance collaboration across your organisation with cutting-edge analytics and simulation tools.

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Network Design

Altavec's AIMS Platform for Precise Network Design. Streamline your design processes & achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in infrastructure deployment.

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