Safeguarding Lone Workers, Empowering Safer Futures

AIMS Zero, Your Trusted Partner in Lone Worker Protection Empower Safety, Connect with Confidence

Discover Altavec's AIMS Zero, an award-winning safety solution that is transforming the way organisations manage and mitigate risks in their work environments. Designed to prioritise the safety and well-being of lone remote workers, AIMS Zero offers a comprehensive platform consisting of a web-based application and a wearable watch or mobile device. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, AIMS Zero empowers your workforce with the tools they need to stay connected, informed, and safe.

Empowering Lone Remote Workers

AIMS Zero equips field-based employees with a range of invaluable safety features. From real-time hazard alerts to work site check-in and check-out functionalities, panic and duress alarms, and efficient communication with the AIMS Zero Web application, the platform ensures lone remote workers have the support they need to stay safe and connected.

Revolutionising Safety with Proactive Features

AIMS Zero has been honored with the prestigious WorkSafe Solution of the Year award, recognizing its commitment to fostering a proactive safety culture. Through real-time monitoring, seamless communication, and efficient emergency response capabilities, the platform enables employees to prioritise their well-being and make informed decisions, ultimately contributing to a safer work environment.

Advanced Spatial Analysis

AIMS Zero incorporates cutting-edge technology with advanced spatial analysis capabilities. Leveraging GPS sensors and satellite integration, the solution provides highly accurate real-time location data for lone workers, allowing supervisors to monitor their field-based workforce effectively.

Seamless Connectivity

AIMS Zero's advanced spatial analysis capabilities harness cutting-edge technology for accurate real-time location data. Even in remote locations with limited network coverage, seamless integration with satellite technology ensures continuous monitoring, communication, and emergency services.

Continuous Improvement and User-Centric Design

With a focus on user-friendliness and usability, Altavec collaborates closely with organisations and their in-field teams to create an intuitive user experience. Adopting Agile Delivery methodology, AIMS Zero integrates testing and user feedback throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with specific organizational needs.

Join AIMS Zero for a Safer Work Environment

Empower your organization with AIMS Zero to create a safer work environment, fostering proactive safety practices, mitigating risks, and enhancing the well-being of lone remote workers. Discover the cutting-edge solution that prioritizes safety and user experience, making AIMS Zero the ultimate choice for workplace safety.


Real-Time Hazard Alerts: AIMS Zero provides immediate alerts when a field worker approaches a known hazard, ensuring timely precautions are taken to mitigate risks.

Work Site Check-in & Check-out: The application enables two-way communication between lone workers and central monitoring stations, facilitating updates and support during critical situations.

Panic & Duress Alarms: In case of emergencies, lone workers can activate a duress alarm, quickly sharing their location with emergency services and supervisors for prompt assistance.

Hazard Creation & Verification: AIMS Zero supports the identification, documentation, and maintenance of hazards, ensuring organizations have an accurate repository of risks faced by workers.


Enhanced Lone Worker Safety: AIMS Zero's real-time hazard alerts and accurate location tracking ensure lone remote workers are promptly alerted to potential dangers, enabling them to take necessary precautions and make informed decisions for their safety.

Efficient Emergency Response: With panic and duress alarms, AIMS Zero enables lone workers to quickly notify emergency services and supervisors of critical situations, ensuring swift assistance and support.

Seamless Connectivity in Remote Areas: Even in locations with limited network coverage, AIMS Zero's seamless integration with satellite technology ensures continuous monitoring, communication, and access to emergency services.

User-Friendly Interface: Developed with a user-centric design approach, AIMS Zero offers an intuitive and enjoyable user experience, leading to high adoption rates within organisations.

Proactive Safety Culture: AIMS Zero's innovative features foster a proactive safety culture by empowering employees to prioritize their well-being and take proactive measures to mitigate risks.

Advanced Spatial Analysis: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, AIMS Zero provides highly accurate real-time location data for lone workers, enabling supervisors to effectively monitor their field-based workforce.