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In today's rapidly evolving world, organisations face challenges related to optimising their design processes, leveraging disparate data sources, and making informed decisions regarding their assets. Altavec's Digital Model Solution offers a powerful and innovative approach to enhance decision-making and drive operational efficiency. By integrating geospatial data sets with business-critical information, this solution provides a comprehensive understanding of assets, operations, and the surrounding environment, enabling data-driven decisions with contextual insights.

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Challenges Faced by Asset Owners

Increasing costs of inspection, construction maintenance and regulatory compliance

Managing assets and asset management teams across multiple regions with varying performance

Data is currently stored across disparate systems, with access to meaningful real time data and collaboration near impossible

Industry is turning to digital technologies and sensor data meaning business has access to more data than ever before

Many find themselves drowning in the data lake rather swimming in the data stream

Solutions we developed:

Vegetation Management

Discover comprehensive end-to-end solutions addressing extreme weather challenges, wildfire prevention, and sustainable urban spaces.

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 Spatial Services

Leverage our expertise in Lidar capture, panoramic imagery, and spatial analysis to maximise the value of your digital assets and drive sustainable innovation.

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Digital Model

Democratise your Spatial Data and Visualize Assets. Altavec’s Digital Model will enhance collaboration across your organisation with cutting-edge analytics and simulation tools.

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Network Design

Altavec's AIMS Platform for Precise Network Design. Streamline your design processes & achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in infrastructure deployment.

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Asset Management

Altavec's AIMS Platform is Streamlining Asset Management with Cloud-Based Efficiency. Harness ML & AI-driven image analysis to enhance accuracy, reduce costs, and improve safety.

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Lone Worker Safety

Employ cutting-edge technology and proactive alerts to safeguard field-based workers in hazardous environments, empowering a proactive safety culture and revolutionising workplace safety.

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