AIMS Virtual Asset Assessment Whitepaper

AIMS VAA: Digital Intelligence Solving Network Challenges

Utilities across Australia and the globe are increasingly turning to the potential of digital data and digital intelligence to assess the condition of assets. The use of digital technologies and data analytics is disrupting traditional business models, changing the way linear assets are designed, built, inspected, and operated.

The challenges for utilities just keep coming -climate events, grid balancing, renewable integration, operating cost pressures, reliability and environmental expectations are loading more and more expectations on energy providers. More is being demanded from operational asset performance, and so a re-think of traditional asset management is required.

The desire for re-imagined models of delivery must address the considerations of decarbonisation, digitalisation, decentralisation, and deregulation.

Find out more about how Altavec's AIMS (Advancing Intelligent Mapping Solutions) VAA is empowering utilities, download the AIMS VAA Witepaper

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AIMS Virtual Asset Assessment Whitepaper

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